Riverhill, on Gordon Street has long been a favourite Glasgow coffee stop, so it was really good news to hear that they were opening a restaurant bar just around the corner on West Nile Street. I visited for breakfast to give it the once over.

The long narrow space has a similar feel to their established place and is smartly decked out with family photo detailing. I liked it very much.

I took a seat and contemplated their breakfast selection. My attention was quickly caught be the mention of filled breakfast naan breads. I asked the extremely helpful and attentive waitress what filling I should go for. She told me that the Puddledub sausage was the most popular, but that she really liked the veggie one, which brought together halloumi, hummus, chilli jam and coriander. I was happy to go with that.

This was soon with me along with a Dear Green espresso, which was as pleasing as ever.



The naan proved to be slightly problematic. The filling was absolutely top notch, with beautifully toasted halloumi working excellently with the hummus and piquant chilli. The coriander brought its usual fragrant notes.

However, the naan was rather overly firm with the cutlery provided proving ineffective, so I had to separate the top and bottom and use the shove faceward method. The overall effect was still pretty tasty, but it was a hard eat.

So overall, Riverhill’s new place is really good, but there’s some work to do to rectify the decidedly sturdy naan. It’s such a great idea, though, so I hope things are quickly improved. I’ll no doubt be back and look forward to trying many other items from their tempting selection.

Blythe scores Riverhill
3/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: veggie breakfast naan

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: grey suit

Total bill: £6.70

Written by BKR