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Opening day!

Opening day!

I remember that day back in October 2011 when our crack team of reviewers crossed the threshold of Union of Genius for the very first time on their opening day of business.

It was the start of a friendship which has been one of the most joyous of all of those we’ve built up on our questing ways.

Rarely a week goes by without a new Union of Genius interaction in our lives, whether it’s their collectively unstinting support of Scran Salon, Elaine and Bruce’s support of Hush Hour, Amy’s support of my expanding beer knowledge, or me directly coming across another one of their soups in a new and unexpected cafe across the city.

The cafe, in all its glory

The cafe, in all its glory

When they put out the Kickstarter call for their first commercial kitchen, at the start of 2013, we responded with an assault on social media that bludgeoned money from as many of our followers as we could muster. We were so pleased to play just a small part in the achievement of that fabulous £20k+ that they raised then.

Their new Kickstarter, code named the SoupStarter, launched last week and is already well on its way to achieving success. So many of the backers from the first time have renewed their soupy vows, which is great to see, while a new batch of broth brethren have been enlisted.

This is the crucial phase of the crowdfunding journey, where we push on from the initial enthusiasm to take things towards the point where we can count down to achievement of the £10k total.

The rewards for backers are typically excellent, once more. Personally, I’ve gone for a new t-shirt to add to my original one (and recipe cards) from last time. Other rewards include year-long supplies of soup, a picnic, and a party hosted by Dumbo the soup van.

I couldn’t commend supporting this venture to you more highly. Union of Genius has grown to be the beating heart of the Edinburgh independent food scene and we’re so proud to count them as friends.

Keep spreading the soupy love and make this happen. We all need soup and we all need Union of Genius.

Written by BKR