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Visits to various new locations across the city of Glasgow have taken me to some new and interesting places. Once more, after my recent trip for breakfast and lunch near Gartnavel, it was a hospital that was the lure that drew us to the puntastic Steak, Cattle and Roll, just near the Royal Infirmary.

Housed on the same premises as a Destiny Church, it doesn’t quite fit the model of an ecclesiastical cafe. It’s actually a smartly appointed diner in the 50s style, complete with Buddy Holly soundtrack. I liked it.

New York burger

New York burger

The menu, as the name suggests, is heavy on burgers, steaks and hot dogs. Regular guest quester Graham and I were in burger mood, so from their wide selection we settled upon the Godfather, which was topped with little mozzarella balls, and New York Deli, which featured deli meats, respectively.

While we tapped away across four phones between the two of us, our items were cooked to order. They were with us soon enough, looking sizeably impressive. They were right on the cusp of knife/fork or faceward/shove and looked like messy eating.

Diner interior

Diner interior

I opted for the messy faceward shove, which proved just about manageable. The first hit was from the nicely charred exterior of the burger. It was really satisfying, but there wasn’t a robust enough beefy hit to back it up. Still, this was decently tasty fare prepared to a good standard.

We probably should have tried the fries, for completeness, but it was as well that we didn’t as the burgers were a very filling eat.

Lifting the lid on Graham's burger

Lifting the lid on Graham’s burger

So overall, I rather enjoyed Steak, Cattle and Roll. The burgers were pretty good, with the place fully committed to its aesthetic. If you’re in this next of the woods, pop in and give it a try.

Blythe scores Steak, Cattle and Roll
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3/5 for service
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Graham, Blythe

We ate: Godfather burger; New York deli burger

We drank: diet cola, water

We wore: burgundy trousers; pinstripes

Total bill: £16.40

Written by BKR