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I was wandering without too much of a direction, as is often my way, when I discovered that 2Nice, the Ukranian cafe on Dalry Road, was no more. In its place was a cafe called Bravo which looked to be ploughing a similar furrow but without the Ukranian specials.

Little did I know that equally unexpected treats awaited me in the shape of Indian breakfast specials.

The set-up remains much as before with the same distinctive bright yellow chairs still a feature. It’s a pretty classic greasy spoon cafe arrangement.

My eye was immediately caught by the aforementioned Indian breakfast whatnots. I opted for the egg bhurji breakfast – curry spiced scrambled eggs served with hummus, halloumi and pitta – over the chickpea delights of the Desi breakfast, although I’m keen to return for the latter soon. 

This came with a routine mug of builders’ tea for the pricely sum of £6.99.

The dish was cooked to order and soon with me. The star of the show was the eggs. They were replete with whole spices, sweet onion and green peppers. It was as good an egg dish as I’ve been served in the city. 

The halloumi was well cooked, as were the mushrooms, with the hummus and pitta taking it into the realms of a breakfast platter rather than strictly being a unified single dish. It was all very tasty in any case.

So overall, Bravo was an unexpected pleasure. I must return for the Desi breakfast soon, but for sure their egg bhurji is a complete delight and a dish I’d strongly recommend you try. After years of lamenting the city’s dearth of breakfast options, it has been entirely heartwarming to see the likes of Bravo offering things of such high quality. Visit soon.

I ate: egg bhurji breakfast

I drank: tea

I wore: knitted action footwear

Total bill: £6.99

Written by BKR