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I suppose it speaks volumes for my appetite for food masochism that tales of a rat being seen in Medina, on Dundee’s Nethergate, only made me want to visit more. In between Literary Festival shows I toddled round the corner to visit.

Not knowing anything about the place, I had the odd notion in my head that it was a middle eastern restaurant, but it is in fact a bar/grill/cocktail bar of a fairly generic type. It was populated by a Saturday crowd and had a buzz about the place.

It was a bit of a conundrum to work out what to eat, not least because sporadic and diverse meals through the day had my digestive processes in a confused state. I eventually decided that pizza was probably a safe option. My eye was caught by one featuring black pudding and bacon as a topping so I ordered the 9″ version of that.

The friendly waitress was soon delivering this. It looked a little strange with the black pudding in slightly odd clumps. The base looked curiously like a pancake, although it proved relatively fair.

The topping was pretty good, despite appearances, with the black pudding working rather well. It did the job that was required of it with the minimum of fuss.

So overall, I’m glad to have visited Medina and hope it can continue to move past its unfortunate run-in with the visiting rodent population. It’s not really my kind of place, but it served its purpose on this occasion quite nicely.

Blythe scores Medina
3/5 for food
2.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: black pudding and bacon pizza

I drank: Guinness golden ale

I wore: striped shirt

Total bill: £9.30

113 Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4DH

Written by BKR