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Uplands Roast

My current regular route involves much criss-crossing of the Meadows. I have consequently been rather pleased to discover some good new coffee options on my wanderings.

In addition to the excellent Detour, I bumped into George Square police box coffee place Uplands Roast the other day and made a note to return as soon as was convenient. That proved to be on a bright and crisp Friday morning.

The box operator is himself sourcing the coffee directly from Vietnam making his supply chain a mere handshake.

Vietnam apparently exports a ton of robusta coffee making it one of the world’s biggest coffee producers. Robusta is, however, generally low-grade stuff used as filler in inferior blends.

The stuff Uplands is using is a 100% arabica blend which they pride themselves on having paid 7.2 times the Fairtrade minimum price. It is then roasted locally.

The espresso shot (£2) that I sampled wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but it had some decent citrus notes and was prepared with care. 

Overall, Uplands Roast is well worth supporting as this direct relationship between barista and farmer is entirely to be commended and adopted by more and more places. Their coffee is delivered to a good standard, too. I look forward to many future visits.

Written by BKR