Rose Theatre Cafe

One of the places that opened in my absence that I was most keen to visit was the Rose Theatre Cafe, on Rose Street.

My dear old Mum used to attend the premises in her youth when it was the Charlotte Chapel. Over the past few years it has increasingly been used as a Festival venue and is now operating as a year-round arts complex with the cafe one of the main features.

The familiar faces running the place – Sinead and Mary – were kind enough to shout me breakfast shortly after my return to the city. I tried to choose a morning where I wasn’t labouring under a weighty hangover so my tastebuds were in decent order. 

I didn’t linger long over my decision of what to eat as their full breakfast looked just the ticket. They did offer a tempting looking vegan alternative as well as breakfast rolls and some lighter, healthier options, but I was confident in my initial choice.

First up was very good espresso. They’re using beans from Machina which is always a good choice. It’s great to see local roasters doing so well and producing such high quality stuff.

My food promptly arrived looking bright and smart. Sausages and bacon from the excellent Ramsay’s of Carluke gave things I well-sourced backbone. Grilled tomato, smoky mushrooms and a herby pesto gave things unexpected and entirely welcome light freshness. With a sunny yolked egg and good chunky toast, this was a breakfast plate of really superb quality. 

I was lucky enough to have timed it to be rewarded with a bonus treat of a cinnamon roll fresh from the oven. It was delicious.

Overall, it was an absolute delight to find the Rose Theatre Cafe on such splendid form. In a city that doesn’t do breakfast terribly well with the city centre particularly light on choice, this place should be top of your list for a visit. Their lunch options look mighty fine, too, so make sure to call in soon.

I ate: full breakfast, cinnamon roll

I drank: espresso (2), water

I wore: bright action footwear

Total bill: c.£17 (kindly paid for by the venue)

Written by BKR