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Marchmont Takeaway

I’ve been hitting it pretty hard since I’ve been back, catching up with lots of lovely folks and re-exploring my home town. I’ve hit a bit of a wall in the last few days with the reality of the need for sleep and nutritious food finally dawning.

I was pondering the extreme need for a relaxing day as I wandered home along Marchmont Road. In the shimmering distance was the alluring prospect of a fish supper from the Marchmont Takeaway. I couldn’t resist.

The compact premises are a very familiar chippy set-up with a metal counter and warming rack above the fryers. 

Their menu was rather more extensive than your average chippy with four types of fish and a good list of vegan and veggie options including a veggie munchy box.

My requirements were rather more straightforward with haddock and chips (£6.50) my preferred route. This was cooked to order and soon with me, expertly wrapped in the traditional style.

It proved outstandingly good eating. The massive fish was draped in a beautifully crisp batter ensuring moist whitefish contained within. The chips were very good, too. It was a thoroughly satisfying experience.

Overall, the Marchmont Takeaway was an absolute joy to visit. The women running it are doing things right with a solid commitment to sustainability – they’re much fonder of a paper packing than the recent fad for cardboard boxes and are delighted if you bring your own reusable packaging, also – and a traditional approach to frying to order whilst offering good veggie options. If you’ve fallen out of love with the traditional chippy for one reason or another, this is the place to reignite your love for this classic style. It’s a true Edinburgh hospitality gem.

Written by BKR