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La Casa

Although it quickly grew in scope beyond a focus on the middle of the day meal, Lunchquest was primarily set-up to highlight how well Edinburgh caters for those seeking lunch in its many forms.

In the sites final few weeks in its current incarnation, it was joyful to have the time to get back to some proper lunching, exploring some of the current best deals.

One place that really struck a chord was La Casa, a mezze and tapas restaurant on Dalry Road, where Shebeen previously traded.

The premises have cycled through a few different things over the last decade or so with most of them fairly gloomy. 

La Casa has had a fresh refit focussed on stripping things back to the brick and stone. There is abundant natural light from the large windows giving the place a bright and stylish feel. I really liked it.

At lunchtime they offer their full a la carte, set tapas selection, as well as a two and three course lunch deal. Two savoury courses for £8.95 sounded pretty good to me.

I opened with some classic Spanish tortilla. Topped with pickled red peppers, this was simple but deeply satisfying stuff with two neat, well-seasoned slices packed with soft potato goodness.

I followed with their fish of the day which was a sea bream fillet topped with mussels and cherry tomatoes in a lemon caper butter sauce. Again, this was simple and accurate cooking packed with charm. It was the kind of dish I could eat all day everyday.

Overall, I was hugely impressed with La Casa. It served me two dishes of deft skill and balance. I’d be keen to return to sample what looked to be an excellent array of tapas dishes. I’d strongly recommend visiting for their lunch deal as it’s one of the best I’ve come across in a while.

I ate: tortilla, sea bream

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: black trousers

Total bill: £10.90

Written by BKR