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For my last meal in Milan, I headed to local favourite Ratanà. Housed in a classic old villa on the edge of the modern Porta Nuova development, it was a striking setting that looked very promising.

I found the place alive with punters and felt lucky to snag a seat at the bar. They serve their full menu from here and it was quickly clear that I had much to consider as almost all of it sounded fantastic.

As I sipped some local bubbles, I settled upon the chickpea cream with crunchy chickpeas to start then the Milan-style tripe to follow.

Before this parade began, there was a superb little amuse bouche of cous cous with red cabbage. I also munched on a snack of excellent meatballs.

The starter promptly arrived and was very good indeed. It was essentially a chickpea soup with toasted chickpeas on top. This was served with very good fresh bread. The seasoning on the soup was spot on. And what’s more there was treasure buried in the depths in the shape of a delicious goat’s cheese cream which brought an added dimension to the second half of my supping. It was all jolly splendid.

The main course maintained the excellent standard. The tripe had been thinly sliced then served in a bean ragout. This was hearty stuff and just the dish on another chilly day in the city. It was as far from the oft-held perception of tripe as an ugly relic of our inedible past as you could possibly imagine.

I’d sampled a couple of good local beers with my main dishes, both of which were extremely good. I’d had a very pleasing time.

Overall, Ratanà was an excellent choice to cap my highly entertaining visit to Milan. It’s a city that should be added to your list for a visit as it would make a very nice city break. It has some great places to eat with Ratanà one that should be a priority to check out.

Blythe scores Ratanà
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4.5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 17/20

I ate: meatballs, chickpea cream and crunchy chickpeas, trippa alla Milanese

I drank: bubbles, local beers

I wore: Hawaiian shirt

Total bill: €65.50

Written by BKR