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As seems to be my recently preferred way, I arrived in my new city in the early evening and was very much in need of a feed.

It had been a rather elongated bus journey from Sarajevo, including much faffing at the Bosnia/Croatia border.

I fancied pizza so having consulted the online gods, I set sail for a place called Karijola which was around 25 minutes walk away. After a day of numbing my ass in the bus, it was just what I needed to restore clean air to my lungs.

After sauntering past amongst other things the Nikola Tesla Technology Museum and the sporting home of NK Zagreb, I found the place with little fuss and joined around a half full dining space which seemed fairly promising for a sub-zero Monday evening.

The menu is pretty straightforward – you order pizza in big or bigger from a decent range of topping combos, they fire things quickly in their oven and then you munch. Or at least with the aid of a very good local pale ale this is what I did.

I’d gone for their house pizza which added prosciutto, cherry tomatoes parmesan and rocket to the classic tomato and mozzarella base. In addition, there was a vampire-destroying amount of garlic in fairly chunky pieces.

The base was very crisp and light, in a charmingly rustic oval. The toppings were substantial and of very good quality. With a combination of shove faceward and knife n fork methods, it all made for highly satisfying eating.

Overall, I was glad to have visited Karijola. It served me both very good pizza and a couple of refreshing beers for little more than a tenner. I’d be delighted to return and would recommend it to you next time you’re in this beautiful city.


Blythe scores Karijola
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: pizza Karijola (prosciutto, rocket, parmesan, cherry tomatoes)

I drank: pale ale

I wore: blue jacket

Total bill: 95

Written by BKR