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Charleston Farmers’ Market

Given the amount of wandering around I ended up doing in Charleston, it was rather nice that for one of the days breakfast came to me.

This was in the shape of the regular weekend farmers’ market which sets up in Marion Square. This was bang in front of my swanky hotel.

With a good mix of local producers and crafters matched with some ready to eat food stalls, it was just what I was looking for to start a very sunny December day.

I started with coffee from a stall called Sassyass. I sampled my usual espresso ($3) and it was pretty good.

I moved on from there to the neighbouring stall which was a bagel specialist called Holey City Bagels.

They are hand crafting their own bagels and then filling them with a range of whatnots. Given the relatively early hour, I opted for a staple of bacon, egg and cheese ($8) on an everything bagel.

It was prepped to order and soon with me looking like a ray of morning sunshine.

It was an enjoyable eat. The cheese was along burger cheese lines, the fried egg had been cooked well to minimise yolk splatter and the bacon was lightly crisp and of good quality. The bagel was one of the better I’ve sampled of late.

So overall, it was a delight to see such a good market thriving in this prime location at the heart of downtown Charleston. I liked what I saw as well as what I ate and drank. This is a good neck of the woods to stay in if you’re visiting so make sure to call in at the market on Saturday or Sunday when it regularly trades.

Written by BKR