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Mercado San Juan

Mexico City!

After a fun flight over Central America from Lima, I arrived in Mexico City late at night and much in need of sleep. With that accounted for and a susbtantial if unremarkable hotel breakfast buffet in my tummy, I set out for a first lunchtime wander around the city.

It’s a fairly busy place with streets packed on what I would otherwise have expected to be a quiet Monday lunchtime. I tootled to the main square which is largeish, took the obligatory tourist snaps, then pondered where lunch could reasonably be taken.

I wandered towards Mercado San Juan without too much of a sense of what I would find.

It proved a great melting pot of different stuff. It reminded me of Tekka Market in Singapore or a mini Queen Victoria in Melbourne in that it contained all manner of different fresh ingredient places – fishmongers, butchers, greengrocers etc – as well as a variety of hot food options.

I had a good browse before settling down for a snack at the Los Coyotes stand. They claimed to be selling a range exotic meats including lion and tiger which I sincerely doubt they were. The top meat on their list was wild boar which sounded much more likely. I ordered a couple of tacos and added a local pale ale (250 pesos) which was pretty good.

The tacos soon appeared looking pretty generously filled with meat. Hot sauce made from habanero and honey was also brought. It had decent pop.

The tacos were also pretty good without really hitting the heights. The meat was tender and flavourful while the taco shell was well crafted. It was a pleasing first brush with Mexican street food.

The market was a lot of fun and if I had chosen to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel in the city, I would likely have left with much in the way of fruit and veg. It’s definitely worth a look next time you’re in these parts.

Written by BKR