Coffee and Drinks in New Zealand

On each of my three city stops in New Zealand I found a profusion of excellent cafes coupled with very good restaurant coffee.

In Auckland, the excellent Allpress was an obvious stop on my journey. Allpress is of course served in the excellent Castello in Edinburgh, so it was somewhat fitting that my visit coincided with the wedding of Castello owner Sandro and the lovely Shelle.

I had very good coffee at Espresso Workshop and Ark roastery in Takapuna during my time in town.

Wellington upped things a notch with outstanding stops at Lamason, People’s in Luke’s Lane, Milkcrate, Hangar, Customs and Retro Grove. Seriously, I was spoiled for choice in this absolute coffee paradise.

Christchurch maintained a pretty good standard, too. Black & White Coffee Cartel was excellent, as was Vic’s Cafe, Bunsen, and Mama Hooch.

Outstanding coffee became an everyday, every-cup occurence. Almost without exception, people took coffee seriously and delivered my espresso to the highest possible standards.

In lots of ways, the same can be said for the drinks I sampled, too.

In Auckland, Deadshot was excellent, whatever Pink might have to say on the topic. Seriously, I was looked after in some of the finest style on my trip thus far, so big thanks to Bryan. Their sister bar Caretaker was mighty fine, too. I also had splendid wine at Orphans Kitchen and fantastically creative drinks pairing at Pasture, with their violet vermouth a standout.

In Wellington, I really enjoyed Hanging Ditch. Their cocktail list packed humour and quality, and service was on point. The Hawthorn Lounge was excellent on several visits. I had an excellent Manhattan there, as well as a great pineapple rum old fashioned. Rogue & Vagabond, Salty Pidgin and the Malthouse were great for beers.

In Christchurch, I enjoyed The Last Word.

Wherever I went in New Zealand, the quality of coffee and bevvy was really high. I was a happy chap throughout my time on the islands.

Written by BKR