November 14, 2018 Sydney, Turkish No Comments

Turkish Gözleme at the Rocks

Australia seems to have taken gözleme very much to their hearts with it featuring as a snack option in lots of markets as well as there being a number of shops selling it dotted around the place.

Although I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Istanbul, this is one Turkish delicacy that I’d not previously tried although the basic idea of a freshly prepared flatbread stuffed with cheese and spinach was entirely familiar.

I ran into a gözleme stall at the craft and street food market in The Rocks neighbourhood of Sydney. I had a bit of a wait until dinner time so this late lunch snack sounded like just the thing.

I opted for the chicken, feta and spinach variety which cost $10. This was heated to order on a large grill plate. The friendly stallholder was soon handing over the item after it had been chopped into nine bitesized pieces.

It was hearty and delicious, retaining its heat very well which ensured each piece was lightly crisp and filled with meatily melted goodness. I liked it a lot.

So overall, the Turkish Gözleme at The Rocks stall served me a really enjoyable snack on the go. I can see entirely why Aussies enjoy gözleme as it’s fresh yet substantial. Give it a try next time you see it.

Written by BKR