The Ramen Shop

I’d slept late and I didn’t really know what to eat so that usually means ramen, or at least it has done on this leg of my trip.

I was staying not far from a place called The Ramen Shop which seemed a likely candidate so I strolled round there after a morning of largely fuck all.

I’d arrived just after opening time but I quickly found the place quite thickly populated. It seemed to be a popular spot.

I was plenty hungry enough so as well as the char siu ramen, I added a starter of chicken karaage bao buns. I drank very good genmaicha tea with both courses. This came to $31.50.

The buns quickly arrived, bursting with two pieces of crumbed fried chicken in each bun. With warm spicing in the mix, these were a satisfying opener with a good crunch to the coating and pleasing moistness to the meat.

The main feature ramen showcased a chicken broth with the barbecued pork, which was a lighter and more fragrant change to the more usual tonkostu. I’d added an extra egg which had a good runny yolk. It was satisfying stuff.

So overall, The Ramen Shop served me an enjoyable first meal of the day. It’s a fine purveyor of noodly soup goodness so is worthy of your attention next time you feel the need.

Written by BKR