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Ms G’s

In a very happy coincidence, it turned out that my Melbourne pals, Amy and Lee, who had guided me so well around that city and its environs were going to be in Sydney during my brief stay there.

I had shared some of the mountain of recommendations I’d received for my time in Sydney with them from which they’d hit upon Ms G’s as a preferred lunch destination. I was delighted to join them.

Ms G’s is part of the same group as Ester. It focusses on a fusion of Asian styles with some innovative flavour combos peppering the menu. We started with a fun selection of cocktails before deciding that we were going to let Amy be in charge of ordering various dishes for us to eat.

She settled upon the cheeseburger spring rolls, some kingfish sashimi with aged ponzu and chives, charred octopus with crisp potato, fried sweetcorn with snow cheese and chicken skin, and half a roast duck. Our attentive waiter suggested the addition of pak choi as an accompaniment to the duck. We were happy to go with this.

Dishes arrived as they were ready with the kingfish first up. This was excellent quality fish served in a brightly zingy dressing. It was a splendid opener.

We then moved on to the oddly enticing cheeseburger spring rolls. These were a very successful curiosity with an enjoyably meaty and cheesily melty centre wrapped in a thinly crisp casing.

I’d been keen to establish what snow cheese was so we’d ordered the snow cheese covered corn with chicken skin. It turned out to be a powdered cheese used to create a crisp coating to the corn. This worked pretty well in another joyful combo of flavours and textures.

The octopus with crisp potato bites was an accomplished dish full of tentacly goodness.

The main event was the roast duck. The meat was beautifully tender and the pak choi was a good shout as a side dish.

We were then lured in by talk of a dessert called “Stoner’s Delight number 3”. This brought together doughnut ice cream, peanut brittle, bacon, Mars bar brownie, deep-fried Nutella, raspberries and potato crisps. We thought sharing one between three might be a good plan.

Considering the bizarre array of ingredients, it looked really quite elegant. The flavour and textural elements came together really well with the crispy bacon and oozingly warm Nutella particularly good. It was an unlikely hero of a dish.

So overall, we really enjoyed Ms G’s. It offered dishes of interesting complexity, sound balance and no little humour. It struck us as a good spot for larger group dining particularly when you’re looking to please broad tastes. And the stoner dessert is an absolute must-eat.

Blythe scores Ms G’s
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16.5/20

Today’s questers were: Amy, Lee, Blythe

We ate: cheeseburger spring rolls, kingfish with aged ponzu and chives, charred octopus with crisp potato, fried sweetcorn with snow cheese and chicken skin, half roast duck, pak choi, “Stoner’s Delight number 3”

We drank: cocktails, pale ale, water

We wore: all-weather chic

Total bill: Lee paid, but I reckon it was somewhere around $230

Address: 155 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

Written by BKR