September 27, 2018 Almaty, Burger No Comments


On the way to and from Vakhtanguri, my eye had been caught by a burger shack luxuriating in the name Gippo. I didn’t figure I’d find the circumstances to squeeze in a visit, but when I was let down by my original lunch location I took the opportunity to hot foot it to the stall to give it a go.

Gippo has several sites across both Almaty and Kazakh capital Astana. Their burger offering looked very much along fast food lines, but an open grill plate showed that items were being freshly prepared to order.

Once the language barrier had been deftly negotiated, I placed my order for a double cheeseburger. This cost 750 tenge which is about £1.60.

This was prepped to order along with burgers for a steady stream of people stopping by at what didn’t seem to be a peak time – about 3.30pm on a Thursday afternoon.

With item in hand I ate as I walked. It proved a pretty satisfying eat. It was indeed in the style of a Burger King or McDonald’s fast food burger, with two thinnish patties, burger cheese, lettuce and ketchup. But it had much more flavour going on than those globally mediocre brands, with a good succulence to the meat. It was much more to the standard of the likes of Smashburger. I really enjoyed it.

So overall, Gippo looks to be serving the fast food burger needs of Kazakhstan in fine style. I enjoyed what I ate and would be happy to return for further visits should the road bring me this way again.

Written by BKR