The Painted Rooster

Massive Schnitzel and Mansize Naan’s verdict

The Caffeine Drip always seemed to be busy, surprisingly so given its basement location. But it closed not long ago with The Painted Rooster taking over.

We visited for breakfast mindful that the Caffeine Drip was regularly named one of the best places in the city for a bacon roll.

The Painted Rooster is doing a similar menu with coffee by Blythe’s favourite, Matthew Algie. The major change is simplified decor making things much brighter than before.

We ordered a bacon roll and scrambled eggs on toast. The lovely waitress soon brought them to the table along with a pot of tea and a latte.

The tea was a touch weak – maybe the pot was too big for one lonely teabag – but the coffee was a good, smoothly finished drink, much better than the average cup of Algie.

The scrambled eggs looked a bit sad on their bed of regulation sliced. The eggs were alright.

My bacon roll was exceptionally light with ample bacon filling. I’m not sure the strange little side salads really fitted, though.

Everything at the Painted Rooster has a nice feel to it. I worry they’ll struggle to attract people down to the basement setting, though. 

Total bill: £12.80

Address: 10 Melville Place, Edinburgh EH3 7PR

Written by BKR