Hija de Sanchez

Copenhagen! My first stop on some global adventures that should take me to some interesting places. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the stories of Lunchquest on Tour.

My antipathy towards Mexican food, and tacos in particular, is well documented. And while I remain on very good terms with the owners of both of Edinburgh’s premier taquerias, El Cartel and Bodega – both of which I recognise are excellent places – they have essentially given up trying to convince me of what will only arrive once my palate grows up a bit.

With that in mind, Hija de Sanchez was probably a bit of an odd choice for my first proper meal in Copenhagen. Indeed Mexican in general was possibly a heretical choice in the land of Nordic innovative cuisine.

However, Hija de Sanchez comes from former Noma pastry chef Rosio Sanchez and has featured in a number of TV food documentaries that I looked at ahead of my trip here.

Part of the Torvehallerne food market, Hija makes their tacos fresh – before your very eyes – and fills them with classic combos.

Today, they showcased fried egg, fresh cheese and barbecoa beef. For 100DKK you got one of each which sounded fine to me.

After some banter with the friendly stallholder cooks, my plate of sunshine was with me. I was brave – I thought – in giving their “very hot” habanero sauce a try. I lived to tell the tale without too much sweating.

If all tacos were like these, I reckon I’d be more enthusiastic about them in general. In particular, the fresh soft shells were both structurally sound and had good flavour.

Of the fillings, the fried egg was the marginal winner possibly because I was effectively eating these for breakfast.

The fresh cheese was backed with good avocado and the beef had excellent depth of flavour so I was very satisfied by all three.

So overall, the tacos at Hija de Sanchez are the best I’ve had. Mexico is a likely stop at some point on my travels so we’ll see how they stack up. For sure, this place is an excellent light lunch option when in Copenhagen so give it a look when next you’re here.

Written by BKR