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Harley Dogs

I’m generally predisposed to trust Lunchquest founder MJ’s opinion, but when she confidently announced that the burgers from Harley Dogs were the best she’d had in the UK, I was sceptical for some reason.

Generally my scope of consumption is very wide while MJ is rather more discerning, but with burgers I tend to be at my most fussy.

Harley Dogs began as a barbecue trailer on the back of motorbike and has developed into a regularly appearing burger stall with a shipping crate home just of Walthamstow High Street.

MJ and I were joined by Marc, who’d cooked us burgers from Harley – having acquired the raw patties from their stall at an event a few days before – on the home barbecue to very good effect.

The menu offers delights beyond the burgers, with hotdogs, chicken, ribs and some veggie options, as well as a changing special reflecting the Brazilian influence of the owner.

MJ was hooked into trying this latter option with prato feito today’s choice. This was a stew of rice and beans with farofa and beef. It was warmly received.

Marc opted for the homemade pork sausage in the stray dog. Again, this was highly rated. But I could see the twinge of regret that they hadn’t opted for burgers.

I was firmly wedded to burger sampling so ordered their mother triple (£13). This brought together three burgers topped with cheese, crunchy potato straws, bacon, sriracha, bourbon onion jam and ketchup.

Not for the first time in her life, MJ was entirely correct. This was an excellent burger packed with splendid meaty notes from bone marrow in the mix. The condiment accompaniments elevated things further making for outstanding mouthfuls.

We shared very good lamb ribs, chicken pieces, veggie meze with beetroot hummus, and fries. It was quite the feast.

So overall, I was really impressed with Harley Dogs. Their burgers were right up there with the best I’ve had so it was a joy to finally sample them. Make it your business to seek them out next time the burger craving hits.

Written by BKR