Turkish Donner Inn

Blythe’s Verdict

After a Friday when my eating pattern was completely out of whack, it got to 11pm before I realised I’d not eaten any dinner. Takeout seemed like my only likely option so I headed to the Turkish Doner Inn on Brougham Street.

I recall eating here many years ago but suspect I was a little too worse for wear to write a review of whatever it was that I ate.

I suspect it was probably a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, which remains an enduring favourite of mine so I ordered that again (£7).

It was prepped to order by the friendly counter man.

It was soon with me looking much as expected. I was pretty hungry so ate as I wandered homeward.

The cheese was volcanically hot and the thin crusts made things slightly tricky to handle. But once I’d allowed things to cool slightly, it made for decent enough eating.

So overall, the Turkish Doner Inn is a reasonable Tollcross option for late night pizza. I wondered whether their kebabs might be a notch better so was tickled when an email from Our Beer Man arrived just a few days later with an insight on that. Read on for further details…

Our Beer Man’s Verdict

After a couple of post-work pints in Cloisters, I was looking for somewhere nearby to grab a quick bite to eat before watching the World Cup.

As Turkish Doner Inn is almost directly across the road, it seemed like an ideal cheap and cheerful option so I decided to give it a go.

There’s no point beating about the bush, it’s a dingy operation that looks like it’s seen better days.

The menu offers no surprises, focusing mainly on pizzas, burgers and, of course, kebabs and other assorted whatnots like falafel and pakora.

A kebab seemed like the way to go, although I didn’t fancy the look of the donner. It was the spindliest, thinnest finger of meaty misery I’ve ever seen – an emaciated Peparami rotating sadly on a skewer – so I opted instead for the small chicken kebab.

The proprietor took my order and slowly got to work: placing a skewer of chicken pieces on the grill and leaving it there for a while. He returned a few minutes later to turn it over. This process was repeated a few times, although he occasionally gave it a poke with tongs.

Then the pitta went in the oven. He popped back now and again to peer in or turn it over.

It was interminable. I feared I would miss the start of the football as I waited for 30 minutes – although extra time meant I might at least catch some of it…

Eventually, it emerged and I was offered the usual selection of accompaniments. To speed things up, I took everything on it.

My long-awaited snack didn’t look too promising as I sat down at the table to dine. 

I took a bite and the arse fell out of the kebab on to the polystyrene container. If I had been eating on the go, the whole thing would have been on the ground. With no structural integrity, it was impossible to eat in the traditional manner so I opted for a combination of fork and fingers to munch this messy shambles. Napkins aplenty were required.

It actually tasted fine – a standard chicken kebab – but was a complete palaver, and represented poor value at £6.50.

So, it’s hard to recommend Turkish Doner Inn – although I suspect service may potentially be smoother and swifter at peak hours.

Address: 17 Brougham Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JS

Written by BKR