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Golden Ambal

I’ve enjoyed having Golden Ambal as my local curry house and have popped in from time-to-time for a spot of lunch or dinner.

The folks there are very friendly and dropped me a message to let me know about their thali lunch deal. After several false starts, I eventually made it along to check it out on a sunny but breezy Saturday.

The set-up remains much the same as before. I sat in their upstairs dining space. There’s also an extensive additional area downstairs.

Having settled upon the thali, my decision was simply whether I wanted meat or veggie. I opted for the meat. I was asked if I wanted spicy and when I said I’d prefer a medium spice level it was agreed that my meaty component would be chicken tikka masala.

The thali soon arrived on the characteristic tray showcasing all the various elements.

The daal was soupy and a great starting point before I scooped the tart lime pickle with the poppadom.

The cumin spiced potatoes were really good, as was the savoury doughnut thing. There was a little coconut side and crunchy salad to go with the tikka masala which came with chapati and profuse rice. The chicken pieces were beautifully tender.

And there was cardamom-topped carrot halwa to finish. It was all very delightful.

So overall, the lunchtime thali from Golden Ambal proved deeply satisfying. Each element was delivered to a very good standard, so scores from previous reviews remain pertinent. The thali is just served at the weekend, I believe, but is worth seeking out as it’s a good feast from a really good restaurant.

I ate: thali

I drank: water

I wore: non-fruit trousers

Total bill: £8.95

Address: 1 Albert Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HN

Written by BKR