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Bijou Bistro

I remember visiting Bijou Bistro with MJ many years ago and everything being just a bit flat. Since then, I’ve seen routinely positive reports for this neighbourhood bistro serving Restalrig and Leith Links so I’ve had it in mind to revisit for a while.


Now the circumstances for this visit were a little odd. Firstly I was out for a Sunday morning run, something that hasn’t happened since about 2012. Running is not my thing, but with my retirement indolence likely to have an impact on my waistline, my tailor implored me to take some action so this is what I chose.

Secondly, I was actually aiming to breakfast in the car park of the Torino on Restalrig Road. Beer Man had spotted a sign saying a ‘pop-up’ breakfast van would be trading there that morning. Alas, despite arriving an hour after advertised opening, I found them still not up and running. So it was to Bijou that I headed.

The interior is very smartly appointed and has clearly been refurbed since last I was here. It’s a compact little corner shop but can pack in around twenty.


My eyes were set firmly on their Leither breakfast which included hash browns, toast, bacon, fried egg, tattie scone, beans and haggis bonbons. I mean what symbolises the modern day Leither more than haggis bonbons?

This soon arrived delivered by the friendly counter woman owner. It looked plentiful and had an aroma rather more alluring that my sweat-drenched self.

It proved a good quality, hearty eat. Highlights were a beautifully crisp fried egg and delicious smoked bacon. The bonbons were very tasty, too. I enjoyed it very much.

So overall, I was glad to be reacquainted with Bijou Bistro and find it on stronger form than before. It looks to be a lovely wee spot for a smashing breakfast with a rather picturesque view across the Links. Give it a look next time you’re in these parts.

Blythe scores Bijou
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 15.5/20

I ate: Leither breakfast

I drank: tea

I wore: luminous running apparel

Total bill: £8

Address: 2 Restalrig Road, Edinburgh EH6 8BN

Written by BKR