The Falafel Prophecy

Falafel Quest was a lot fun. It showed the excellent range on offer across the country, but the winner – the North East’s finest Papa Ganoush – won by some margin, which was very much to their credit but in some ways a shame to see the competition so comprehensively bested.


Since finishing the Top 30 list, I’ve heard very strong reports about Ransacked Black Oven’s version, then on today’s random rambling I came across a place called The Falafel Prophecy which looked intriguing.

Trading where Beetroot Cafe briefly flourished, and where Herbivore Kitchen was before that, the police box has been given yet another lick of paint. It’s now a vibrant orange.

I found a promising crowd of punters gathered around on what was a beautiful day. Like me they’d thought a wrap to munch in the Meadows sun might be just the thing.


Cooked to order by the friendly counter man owner, the wrap (£4.50) featured hummus, three freshly made falafel balls, pickles, chilli sauce, tahini sauce and salad wrapped up in a khobez flatbread.

It proved absolutely outstanding and bridged the gap between Papa Ghanoush and the rest very ably. It was clearly the best I’ve been served in Edinburgh.

The fresh and delightfully crunchy balls were beautifully accompanied by a wonderfully fresh and aromatic tahini sauce with the hummus also first rate. The pickles brought good sour crunch.

So overall, it was a shame that the Falafel Prophecy could not predict the timing of the Falafel Quest Top 30 to allow for their inclusion. If they had, they would have been proudly in second spot. Whatever the case, this is a great new five-star street food place and one that I’d recommend that you visit at your earliest opportunity.

Written by BKR