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Bhatti’s Fried Chicken

It had been a great fun weekend with a lovely couple of days in Glasgow and a riotous return to Edinburgh. This rendered the following sunny Monday null and void.

Chips n cheese

Such days rarely end with me finding the enthusiasm for cooking and such was the case once more. I consulted the oracular delivery apps and soon hit upon Bhatti’s Fried Chicken.

Occupying the shop that previously traded as Kobane, as the name suggests it’s a fried chicken place. It also does pizzas, kebabs and other takeaway staples.

I was struggling to decide between pizza or chicken when I spotted that they offered chicken parmesan, which I hoped meant the Sunday name for the Middlesbrough delicacy the parmo.


The option to add pizza toppings reinforced this suspicion so I ordered it, with cheese, mushroom and donner meat my choices.

I added some chips and cheese for #chipquest purposes. It came to a total of £11.98 including delivery.

Items arrived in good time. Of course, the parmo came with chips making my chips and cheese order rather excessive, but I was clearly in a chip mood as I scoffed both portions. They were good.

The chicken parmesan was indeed a parmo so that was exciting to find in the city. It wasn’t the best I’ve sampled but it was a decent effort with nicely crisp chicken that had some good succulence to it.

So overall, Bhatti’s Fried Chicken looks to be a good, reliable place for fried chicken. I was delighted to discover a parmo on offer in Edinburgh and would recommend it to the curious. I might give their pizzas a look next time I’m feeling lazy and dreadful.

Written by BKR