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I seem to be all about the Mediterranean holiday destination food at the moment, so following a couple of joyful Spanish meals I thought some Greek food might be a good final munch before heading off on holiday. We headed for Taxidi on Brougham Street to check out its wares.


I was joined by Cakequest’s Sarah for the first time in an age along with first time questers Laura and Peter.

I remember dining here many years ago when it was My Big Fat Greek Kitchen. It had been decent but hadn’t led to a repeat visit which I suppose tells its own story.

Cheesy starters

Greek food isn’t brilliantly represented in the city, but Spitaki is very good and I’ve enjoyed my visits to Mr Nick’s.

Taxidi is compact and has an informal feel to it. From the start and throughout the service was effusively warm, jocular and very helpful.

Their menu lends itself both to sharing and partitioned dining. We opted for the “order tonnes of shit and demolish it collectively approach” with their mixed grill vouno at the heart of that. We added several different cheeses as shared starters along with some aubergine and grilled veg.

Grilled veg

The cheeses arrived looking much as expected. The talagani topped with marmalade was the most dense – and none the worse for that – while the other dishes featured gooey baked feta in several forms, with the feta and aubergine a standout.

The vouno then arrived on a raised platform. It featured sausage, pork belly, chicken, souvlaki, meatballs and we’d added their special lamb chops, too. This was supported on pitta wedges and topped with a mountain of oregano seasoned fries.


It proved an enjoyable eat. The sausages were the most memorable item but the lamb chops were very tasty, too. Everything else was pleasingly good. We left a little cabbage salad at the end, but managed to demolish the rest of it.

So overall, Taxidi is a warm and friendly place serving dishes of character and quality. We enjoyed what we ate and would return again. We were left to waddle off to our next destination with full bellies and lightly treated wallets. Give it a look next time this sort of thing appeals.

Blythe scores Taxidi
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Laura, Sarah, Peter, Blythe

We ate: mixed grill with chips and pitta, lamb chops, baked feta, baked halloumi, aubergine, grilled veg, tzatziki

We drank: white wine, water

We wore: laurel wreaths

Total bill: £95.20

Address: 6 Brougham Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JH

Written by BKR