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Tim Horton’s

OK, Canadian chums – look away now.

Tim Horton’s is an iconic Canadian hospitality brand. Timbits – bite-sized doughnut things – send people in to some sort of fevered rapture, apparently.


It came as a bit of a surprise when they chose Glasgow to open their first UK outlet, but it seems to have worked as there are plans afoot for UK-wide expansion.

I was visiting in the morning so was initially drawn in by mention of a bacon or sausage roll plus small coffee for £2, but instead decided to splash out on espresso and a breakfast wrap which cost £4.18.

I hadn’t quite appreciated that their style was quite so generically fast food counter but so it proved. I was given a ticket and after a short wait my number was barked.


As I walked towards my morning meeting location, I first sampled the coffee which was awful. I can’t recall a more bitter and offensively acrid espresso. If I’d been in the midst of building another Espresso 100, my top candidate for 100th place would assuredly be this.

The wrap was little better. It was hard to discern the sausage from the omelette from the cheese or the wrap casing. They were all just various grades of rubber from pliable to perished.

The only clearly identifiable flavour was the chipotle sauce which felt like an incongruous breakfast item.


So overall, Tim Horton’s was utter drivel of the most dreary sort. It felt like a third-rate McDonald’s peddling stuff that could barely be described a lowest common denominator. I hated it. I’d caution you against visiting in the strongest possible terms.

I ate: breakfast wrap

I drank: espresso

I wore: A-game trousers

Total bill: £4.18

Address: not telling so you will hopefully never find it

Written by BKR