I remember visiting Musa on a trip to Aberdeen many years ago and enjoying it. When it was suggested as a good venue for a lunchtime catch-up I was pleased to get the opportunity to renew acquaintances with it.

I was joined by Louise and Vikki who’d previously quested to the DCA and Joanna who is a regular grubcrawler.

Musa has a strong focus on local produce so it was unsurprising to see many favourites on the menu. We took a moment or two to narrow down our options.

Vikki started with the goat’s cheese and fig salad and Joanna followed suit. I opted for the Cullen skink while Louise decided to forego a starter in favour of a main course portion of the famous smoked fish soup.

When the salad arrived it looked very stylish. It was warmly received. My skink was excellent so I could reassure Louise that her main course portion would likely delight. And so it proved.

Joanna had opted for a smoked haddock and herring main course topped with a poached egg. Oddly, they missed out the black pudding but upon enquiry crisp cubes of it were prepared and served on the side.

Vikki’s main was an open sandwich of hummus and roasted beetroot served with chips and a chickpea salad. It got a firm thumbs up.

My main of gammon with tatties and a fried egg was simple but very well executed. It was a dish I enjoyed immensely.

We rounded things out with very good coffees from Dear Green.

So overall, it was a joy to find Musa on such good form. It’s a high quality place serving dishes of good, local provenance and no small amount of charm. I’d recommend it to you.

Blythe scores Musa
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Joanna, Louise, Vikki, Blythe

We ate: goat’s cheese salad, Cullen skink (small), Cullen skink (large), gammon, smoked haddock, beetroot and hummus open sandwich

We drank: white wine, water, coffees

We wore: valedictory weeds

Total bill: c.£95

Address: 33 Exchange Street, Aberdeen AB11 6PH

Written by BKR