March 14, 2018 Delivery, pizza 1 Comment


It had been a long week with some very early starts and a late Friday finish, so I was feeling all kinds of tired. After a day spent largely confined to the comfort of my bed, I was in need of a hearty dinner delivered to the comfort of my armchair.

Cheesy mac

After consulting the delivery service apps, I finally settled upon Darin’s as my business of choice. This was because I fancied both pizza and some macaroni cheese and that’s apparently not something that lots of places offer.

To this I added a can of Lilt, something I hadn’t sampled for many a year. I remember as if it were yesterday the first time I drank Lilt as a child of about four, on the way home from a totally tropical day out at Portobello beach.

Anyhoo, with items – costing £14.50 once delivery was factored in – promptly arrived and Lilt nostalgia moments completed, I set about my main items.


I started with the mac n cheese. This proved a profoundly cheesy treat and just what I was needing. It was really satisfying.

The pizza – I’d opted for a simple mushroom topping – maintained the very good standard. The base was lightly crisp, the topping again very cheesy, and the mushrooms profuse, thinly sliced and well cooked.

So overall, Darin’s served me very well in my hour of lazy need. I was impressed with both the dishes I sampled and would order them again. If you find yourself tuckered out after a long week, consider this place for an enjoyably filling eat.

Written by BKR