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Stay Hydrated – A Fond Farewell to Work…For Now

I’ve been thinking about what would represent a fitting post to mark the last day at my day job for a little while.

Our café services in the great dry-docked cruise-liner of an office we occupy are provided by Costa and our canteen by Sodexho. I’m not a huge fan of either of these companies, so always thought it best to avoid upsetting the lovely folks that work there by swerving a stinging verdict.

This is my mug

And given that I rarely use either service past the odd cup of builders’ tea, I wondered what I could possibly write about. And then we had the snowdays at the start of March and the idea sprang into being – the one thing I drink tonnes of in the building is the tap water from the various filter taps in the kitchen areas on each floor.

So here you go, work chums – the guide to the best places to refill your cups and water bottles in our splendidly austere office.

My most recent office space is on the ground floor. To the east, the kitchen will offer you a chilled mug of water to the fill line in 11.92 seconds. One floor up, it takes 12.59 seconds and remains to the same quality.

Things go utterly crazy on the second floor where a less chilled mug pours in a lightning 4.82 seconds. One up and it’s 7.34 seconds but it’s icy chilled and deeply satisfying.

The fourth floor offers the speediest experience at a super-brisk 3.66 seconds. But it was not quite as cool as the excellent third floor offering.

As you head down the other end of the building, four west pours at 6.16 seconds but isn’t very cold. The third floor is chilled but takes an age at 13.27 seconds. Two west is 9.38 seconds and is chilled. One west is lukewarmish and 9.56 seconds. Ground west clocked in at 12.95 and was to a good chill level.

I sampled the basement rear kitchen and it tipped the scales at icy chilled but a ludicrous 17.93 seconds.

So overall, make sure to stay hydrated at all times. It will help to keep your memory sharp, your mood stable and your motivation intact. This will lead to good policy making. In the specific setting of our grand office, while four north wins for speed, for the full quality package it has to be three east. Super chilled and under eight seconds, it was an absolute winner for me. Next time you have the honour of crossing the threshold of this fine old place, make it your business to check out this chilled oasis of tap water bliss.

I wore: action snow shoes, stopwatch

Total bill: I actually made money whilst conducting this groundbreaking piece of research

Written by BKR