February 23, 2018 Glasgow, Middle Eastern No Comments

Falafel to Go

Over the next month or so I should really think about ramping up #sausagequest and #falafelquest with a view to reaching verdicts before the end of time.


With that in mind, I had a hot tip to follow up in Glasgow, just off Sauchiehall Street, where I’d heard tell of a hole-in-the-wall falafel place that was a serious contender.

Called Falafel to Go, it is a tiny little window booth with just room for one hardy chap who fires out falafel and sides to a regularly waiting queue of punters.


I joined the line and after a few minutes – there were people ordering wraps four at a time – I got to the front and placed my order for a wrap (£2.50) and a large taboulleh (£1.50).

This was promptly prepared and soon with me. The queue remained persistently long – it’s clearly a popular place – but was turned-over very efficiently.

I started with the taboulleh which was absolutely outstanding. Too often this is served with far too much bulgur and not enough herbage. This ratio was entirely better judged. It was splendid stuff.


The wrap was every bit as good with a crisp shell containing very moist falafel balls, packed with nutty goodness. It was absolutely spot on.

So overall, Falafel to Go is indeed a serious contender for the #falafelquest crown. I was very impressed, particularly with taboulleh, but also with the value on offer. This was carefully prepared, delicious food from the most humble of surroundings. Make sure to visit next time you’re in Glasgow city centre.

Written by BKR