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En Route 16, En Croute

The 16 takes you from seaside to hillside in its route between Silverknowes and Colinton. It’s an excellent example of how our compact city has so much to suit diverse and varied tastes.

The route starts with a Toby Carvery at the Silverknowes terminus and the Silverknowes Golf Club.

It then heads through some of the city’s more deprived residential areas such as Pennywell and Muirhouse, with only the Stodola Deli catching my eye in these parts.

In then comes to Granton with the likes of Javits, Good Choice, the Jubilee chippy, the Granton Home Bakery, the Nine Dragons, and Spice of India all in a little parade of shops.

The Waterfront Takeaway is an intriguing little shack on Granton Square. There are lovely views over to Fife as you speed past the Starbank Inn. Then at Newhaven there’s a Brewer’s Fayre, Prezzo and Loch Fyne as well as Mason’s Bakery, Porto & Fi and the Old Chain Pier alongside Sasso. The Light House is a particular favourite and hear there are plans for a restaurant collaboration between Welsh’s Fishmonger and Roy Brett from Ondine which will open later in 2018 near here.

Steak from LeftField

The route briefly cross route 10 before speeding along past the Tiso Cafe, Quay Commons, The Kitchin, Papillon, Cafe Tartine, Domenico’s, Teuchters Landing, the Cameo Bar, Kezban, East Pizzas, Relish, Williams & Johnson at Custom Lane, and Adriatico, before you can take in the extent of The Shore’s range of eateries.

These include The Clock, the King’s Wark, the Granary, the Ship on the Shore, the Shore Bar, Fisher’s, Pizza Express, the Shore Deli, Michelin-starred Restaurant Martin Wishart, Finn & Bear, Toast, and Mimi’s Bakehouse.

Bernard Street holds such delights as No1 Sandwich, Pierino’s, Cafe Marmalade, the disappointing Mintleaf, China Palace, Carrier’s Quarters, and Daisy’s Deli, while Constitution Street plays host to the Chop House, Hideout Cafe, Compass Bar, Bad Tempered Baker, the Port o Leith, Constitution Bar, Rocksalt, Printworks, Shore Avocado, and Nobles Bar.

You’re then onto Leith Walk where you can take in a pair of Chinese supermarkets, the excellent Akdeniz, La Favorita, 305 Cafe, Serrano Manchego, Boda, Victoria, the Best Kebab House, Storries all-night bakery, pizza excellence at Origano, Qupi, the Leith Depot, Desi Pakwan, Punjabi Junction, Bar Brig, Tattie Creel, the Mermaid, Woodland Creatures, Sea Breeze Cafe, Praline, and Cassia. Stack and Out of the Blue Drill Hall are just visible down Dalmeny Street.

Margarita from Solo Pizzeria

The next stretch continues with a high volume of good places including the Brass Monkey, Los Cardos, Word of Mouth, Golden Ambal, the Real Pizza Factory, Mughal’s Spice, Sandwich Express, Solo Pizzeria, the Tailend chippy, the excellent Walnut, Casa Amiga, Cafe Bensu, Gaia, White Sushi, the Bier Hoose, Vittoria, Dine Thyme, Twelve Triangles, The Joker & The Thief, Embo, the Windsor Bar, and Cafe Bellina.

Tattie Shaw’s is a belter of a greengrocer, then you have Joseph Pearce, the newly refurbished Valvona & Crolla, Filos, Nordic Affar, Slumdog, the Curry Cafe, taco greatness at Bodega, Pera, Jolly, Jeremiah’s Taproom, and Elm Rose.

The fantastic Toranj is just visible down London Road before you pass Taste of Italy, Cafe Marlayne, Mamma Roma, Mennato’s, Ada, Pomegranate, Khushi’s, the Omni Centre, Steak, and The Street.

Rollo Broughton, the Empress, and Chequers are viewable at the top of Broughton Street before you head along Yokr Place and pass the Place Hotel, Fortitude, Nightcap, the Magnum, Daylight Robbery, Portrait Cafe, Holy Cow, The Square, and Zest, before turning past Dishoom (a rare glint of quality in the execrable Cuisine Quarter), Amarone, Sainsbury, and the Abbotsford.

You’re now on Princes Street where you pick up the route 1 all the way until Fountainbridge where it turns off and the 16 continues further up Lothian Road.

Pork belly from Rollo Broughton

New sightings from there are Gucchi, The Counter, Cafe Class, Piccolino, Brauhaus, Mezbaan, Taxidi, Indaba, Thistles, the Early Bird, The Colony, Everest, Nutan’s, Street of Beijing, Trenchtown, Cuckoo’s Nest, Korean BBQ, the Bodega Tollcross, Cloisters, Taquito, Sakura Tree, Tuk Tuk, Magma Cafe, Bennet’s, Leftfield, Quick and Plenty, Lupe Pintos, The Little Fox Deli, the Blackbird, Rigatoni’s, Efes, the Apartment, La Barantine, Five Degress Cafe, the new Castello, Lee On, Harajuku Kitchen, Saunderson’s butcher, Thai Lemongrass, Khartoum Cafe, the excellent Clark & Lake, the Treehouse Cafe and Meltmongers in a fairly breathless stretch.

There’s then the splendid Three Birds, Curry Leaf, Artisan Roast, Cuckoo’s Bakery, another branch of La Barantine, Papilio, Project Coffee, Montpeliers, Osteria del Tempo Perso, Inca, Honeycomb & Co, Hughes Fishmonger, Falko Konditormeister, 181 Deli, Seeds for the Soul, Salt Cafe, Rocket, Nonna’s Kitchen, Morningside Spice, the Clay Oven, the Gurkha, Amani, Roundsquare coffee, the Merlin, Rosemary Bistro, Blackwood’s Coffee, another branch of The Counter, IJ Mellis cheese shop, Bakery Andante, Vigo Cafe (where Zulu used to be), Mia, Pizza Express, the Hermitage Bar, Bia Bistrot, Leaf and Bean, NKD Pizza, Pie Not Bistro, Marie Delices, Franco’s, and Margiotta before you hit the residential expanse of Greenbank then Oxgangs.

Pie and mac from Pie Not

There’s not much left to spot once you’ve drifted past the Chip Inn, the Good Companions, Merdo’s Chip Shop, and a Chinese takeway called Delight.

All that’s left is to pass Dreghorn Barracks before you reach the terminus at Colinton Tennis Courts from where you can’t quite see the cafes and restaurants of Colinton Village.

So the route 16 is one that is crammed with top quality places to try. It’s an excellent route for mapping the diversity of the city and one I’d recommend to you.

Written by BKR