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Boardwalk Beach Club

What a glorious sunny afternoon it was as I took a Lothian buses 16 towards its terminus stop at Silverknowes. A little wander down the road took me to the Cramond foreshore and the Boardwalk Beach Club.


Previously an awkward, angular monstrosity of a building that had sat largely unused for a number of years, the Boardwalk has smoothed some of the rough edges off the place and created a beach house cafe that’s very welcoming and vibrant.

Service was managed to the absolute best of their ability in the face of considerable crowds with diverse needs.

Squidged item

I was looking for a quick snack to take away and was pleased to see mention of a pork bockwurst hot dog. I ordered this and was given a number which would be yelled out when my item was ready.

This took a moment or two as there was quite a queue to manage, but soon enough it appeared.

Upon inspection it looked rather disappointing. What looked like a half decent brioche roll had been squidged to pieces on a sandwich press rendering the edges sawdust crisp.


The roll was way too big for the sausage which looked dwarfed by it as I administered the poor quality packet mustard and ketchup condiments in an attempt to invigorate proceedings.

Sadly with the bread overload, flavours were lost with the only lingering taste at the end a bready disappointment.

So overall, I’m very impressed with what they’ve done to create such a fun spot as the Boardwalk Beach Club clearly is, but I found their food a bit of a let down. Perhaps I’ll visit again and try to order more judiciously. For now, it’s a handy place for a stop and seat when looking out across the Forth, but set your expectations to low to avoid as much disappointment as I found.

Blythe scores the Boardwalk Beach Club
2/5 for food
2/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: bockwurst hot dog

I wore: new raspberry strides

Total bill: £4.50

Address: 50 Marine Drive, Cramond Foreshore, Edinburgh, EH4 5ES

Written by BKR