Beetroot Cafe

While I was sad when the Herbivore Kitchen’s police box on the Meadows ceased trading, it was good news both in that it marked their transition to full cafe premises on the Southside and also because it provided the opportunity for the Beetroot Cafe to open in its place.


Ploughing a similar furrow of plant-based delights, the major change is the colour of the box which is now the expected purple beetroot in hue.

It was a very blustery day so the friendly counter woman’s cosy box shelter was doing a good job of keeping her rather less buffeted than me.


My eye was immediately caught by talk of pulled jackfruit. This was served as the heart of a hot one-pot dish (£4.50) which also featured avocado, cashew cheese sauce and spiced sweet potato crackers.

This was ladled into a Vegware pot then topped with sriracha. I was soon on my way with spoon in hand.


Once I’d worked out a way to eat it that didn’t involve the wind blowing everything off the spoon and down my tie, it proved a very good dish. Jackfruit works beautifully with barbecue flavours and the accompaniments brought good flavour and textural balance. I liked it a lot.

So overall, the Beetroot Cafe served me a really good dish that chased away lunchtime hunger with considerable brio. Their menu changes regularly ensuring that each repeat visit hold something fresh. I’d recommend it to you next time you’re looking for a fresh plant-based lunch.

Address: Coronation Walk, Edinburgh EH3 9FE

Written by BKR