January 28, 2018 Bus, Travel 1 Comment

En route, en croute – Lothian Bus Quest begins!

There are certain odd requests that have struck a chord with me at various times. This is what led to Coronation Chicken quest and currently has me in the clutches of both sausage quest and falafel quest.

One consistent request that I get from a regular reader is for recommendations along the Lothian Buses 41 bus route. For those unaware of this meandering snake of a route runs from Cramond to King’s Buildings, cutting up the Mound through the city centre.

When Lothian Buses were drawn into the discussion on this topic the other day on a popular social media channel, they offered the rather excellent ‘en route, en croute’ as a name for the feature.

Curiously, I did have a conversation with the bus wi-fi people about doing something similar but they were keen on video content and let’s just say the first video we filmed was bottom-clenchingly awful.

Anyhoo, pending any further dusting off of that idea, I’m going to spin round the city over the next weeks and months on our excellent local bus services, seeing what I can see.

This will start tomorrow with the famous 41 route explored, then I’ve already hopped on the 1 from its terminus just near my abode all the way to Clermiston. You can read about that the following week.

I’d welcome ideas for other particularly splendid routes, whether for scenery or purely for dining options.

Welcome to En Route, En Croute!

Written by BKR