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I scarcely know where to begin with writing about Seewoo, Scotland’s largest restaurant. It’s a popular banqueting venue for Glasgow – and Scotland’s – Chinese community. I suppose it’s best to begin with CONGRATULATIONS JEN AND GRANT for the reason for my visit was to celebrate their wedding…again.

This looked promising

We had originally marked the occasion with a trip to Harry Ramsden’s at the Three Bridges, but today’s banquet allowed for something on a rather different scale. A couple of hundred family and friends arrived from far and wide for quite the Monday afternoon treat.

Aside from witnessing some of the finest karaoke singing and dancing in living memory, the room was treated to a veritable feast.


Things started with the traditional dragonboat parade to welcome the bride and groom followed by photos that took no time at all. We then commenced a multi-course banquet of traditional Chinese favourites.

Things began with sea cucumber noodles and roast suckling pig. The meat was flavour packed and the sea cucumber was certainly an experience.


We then had tasty breaded crab claws which were the start of quite the array of seafood. Scallops in the shell topped with glass noodles, garlic and spring onions were probably my favourite dish of the day.

The next dish was slow cooked scallop stew with straw mushrooms, pork belly and whole garlic cloves. It was another very enjoyable dish.

Scallop stew

We then had abalone, a popular delicacy featuring a type of sea snail. These are much sought after although the texture and flavour was somewhat more like a mushroom than what you’d expect from seafood.

We then moved on to ginger lobster which was excellent.

We then had an intermediate course of egg drop soup which was another winner.

Whole fish

The whole steamed bream to follow was extremely fresh and profoundly pleasing. It came with really good prawn fried rice and soft noodles.

The sweet red bean soup was a little odd for dessert but things were elevated once more with little sesame cookies and doughnuts before half-time oranges brought the curtain down on proceedings.

It was a real privilege to be fed in this expansive and highly accomplished fashion. It was a meal that will live long in the memory for many reasons.

So overall, I’d highly recommend the delights of Seawoo to you. But once again the main thing is CONGRATS TO JEN AND GRANT. What a fabulous couple of days we had celebrating the glorious start to their married life together. If you get the chance to visit Seawoo please take it as it’s quite a place.

Address: 29 Saracen Street, Glasgow G22 5HT

Written by BKR