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Review of the Year 2017 – January

Welcome to our annual review of the year, aka ‘Blythe takes twelve days off for Christmas and hopes y’all click on the links in these ‘best of’ posts’.

The year started with an excellent meal at The Gannet. There was also much excellence in the sausage rolls from Osso’s regularly appearing stall at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market. We visited many times through the year.

Sausage rolls from Osso

We had a little jaunt to Newcastle where the Wylam Brewery Tap was outstanding.

January also saw revisits to The Table and Purslane. It was a close run thing which meal was better. They are both operating at the top of their game and are among the best restaurants we have in the city.

We had very pleasing meals at Roti, Crossing the Rubicon, Brandon’s and the Buffalo Truck.

Fusion Gourmet and Noodle & Dumplings gave us hope for Chinese food in the city.

Burrito n Shake was shitty, as was Scottish Home Stores. The latter has thankfully now shifted off.

Written by BKR