November 9, 2017 Mexican, Street food No Comments

Jolly Bandito

My indifference to Mexican food is widely documented but I remain of the mind that it’s because I haven’t found stuff that has really switched me on to it.


It was in that spirit that I approached the Jolly Bandito at the Off the Walk street food market.

Serving tacos filled with pulled pork, chicken or veggies, the offering is straightforward and to the point.

I reckoned the pork (£5) was a good place to start so ordered that from the friendly stallholder. He was quickly about preparing things. I popped to the neighbouring stall for coffee at this point.


When I returned, he enquired about my hot sauce preferences which we settled with the smoky chipotle that would work well with the pork. With item in hand I took a seat and soaked in the music-filled atmosphere.

The taco looked fantastic with riotous colour from the Cajun slaw. The soft taco shell looked light and crisp and completely unlike the flour-soaked paper napkin of recent taco experiences.

It proved extremely good eating with the shell ensuring that things didn’t slop all over the place and really adding to the dish with its light, almost flaky pastry-like texture. This was the taco I’d been looking for to awaken my interest in this style of food so it met with double thumbs up.

So overall, I really enjoyed my trip to the Jolly Bandito. The filling could be tweaked and made even better, I dare say, but this was a taco of distinction with which I was highly impressed. Make sure to stop by soon and see whether you agree.

Written by BKR