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Ah, Domenico’s – where Lunchquest was born all those years ago. I’ve been an intermittent popper-inner to this excellent family Italian since those days. There has been a change at the helm in recent times but there are still a few old lags around to keep the ship on course.

Bloody Mary

I visited for an early evening arancini and pasta dinner a few weeks ago, following which I was given the steer that they would soon be opening for Sunday breakfast. The mention of hand-crafted Bloody Marys had me signed up in an instant.

On a breezy late morning, I was warmly greeted by the ever-smiling face of Nicola, whom I’ve known since days of yore. I took a seat nearby the main counter so I could make sure that operations were running smoothly.

Their breakfast selection offered a broad choice from fry-ups, to meat and cheese platters, to porridge with various toppings, to eggs done however you’d like them, and some more modish brunch dishes.


I opted for the poached egg and avocado on toast. There were various options to augment things from which I chose nduja and mushrooms. I was asked whether I preferred my poached egg oozy oozy or with a firmer yolk. I opted for the former.

It was very pleasing that they asked a similar question about the scrambled eggs. I’m not a fan of firmly cooked scrambled but I know some people are squeamish about the runnier variety so it was good to hear them accommodating both camps.

First up was my Bloody Mary. I was offered the option of sriracha but I opted for the more conventional Tabasco for spice. I specified a 6/10 heat which was delivered spot on. It was an excellent livener and one of the better examples of this breakfast cocktail I’ve had in recent times.


My breakfast dish arrived looking very bonnie. It was accompanied by a little side dish of chopped tomatoes which brought back memories of sandwiches topped with these in days gone by.

The egg was runny as promised and the avocado beautifully ripe. The nduja, spread on the toast and topped with mushrooms, brought good heat and a meaty backbone. It was an excellent dish.

So overall, it was good to find Domenico’s on continued fine form. This new Sunday breakfast menu is added to by a roast on Sunday afternoon making it a place well worthy of your Sabbath consideration. I’ll be back to try the roast in coming weeks. I’d recommend you give it a look soon.

Blythe scores Domenico’s
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
5/5 for service
giving an overall 17.5/20

I ate: poached egg, avocado, nduja, mushroom on sourdough toast

I drank: Bloody Mary

I wore: new overcoat

Total bill: £14

Address: 30 Sandport Street, Edinburgh EH6 6EP

Written by BKR