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Beer Times in Brussels

I had a brief stay in Brussels a couple of years ago and I’d been underwhelmed. This was mainly because my tried and tested method of aimless wandering did not return its usual gold.

Orval cheese

This time I had things much more structured once I’d mentioned I was in town to a few people. My first stop was to be Nuetnigenough with possibly a trip to Moeder Lambic to follow.

Things started on a sad note when upon arrival at Nuetnigenough it was clear that dining there would involve a considerable wait. The evening immediately brightened when I was unexpectedly greeted by Edinburgh beer legend Joe Dick. Along with several beer industry troops he was experiencing similar issues securing a table.

Bolognese mountain

We had expert local knowledge on side in the shape of Jonathan who suggested we head to a place called The Monk where we would find great beer and filling grub. I accepted the invitation to join the fun.

The Monk was a place that felt like it had been trading since the dawn of time. Their front bar offered an excellent selection of taps, but we headed to the buffet in the back.

Moeder lambic

We shared some bottles of excellent Saison Dupont Biologique followed by a much flintier and herbal beer from Lupulus.

The food offering could barely be simpler: for 10€ (13€ if you’re feeling very ambitious) they bring you a plate of spaghetti with one of four sauces and one of three cheeses. I went Bolognese and parmesan. Others sampled the chorizo special of the day, the ham kaas, and the Orval cheese was popular.

Portions were spot-on and the dishes were simple yet highly effective. It was enjoyably filling and tasty grub which was exactly what we needed. The excellent Jonathan picked up the tab for us all, so I owe him one (or more accurately several).

Comte and sausage

The next day I had some business to conduct with some parliamentarians, but the moment that was done it was on to Moeder.

Apparently I went to the wrong one – the original site is a little further across town from the direction I was coming – but I was still mightily impressed by what this place had to offer.

They had somewhere around forty taps, not to mention their considerable bottle selection. I barely knew where to start.

I opened with a light and highly drinkable L’Amer des Moeders. Things got serious with the Moederation which was much punchier with a great bitter edge.

To accompany this I hacked at some saucisson seche and daintily sliced at some aged comté cheese. Both were excellent.

Not blessed with much more time in the city, all I was left with was a cocktail or two at La Pharmacie Anglaise before it was time for a sleep ahead of a flight home.

So overall, I had a fun time on the Brussels beer and food trail. It was a pleasure as always to run into Joe and it was a great evening we spent at The Monk. I’ll get to Nuetnigenough and the original Moeder Lambic on future visits. I’d recommend all the places mentioned to you next time you’re in this fine European capital city.

Written by BKR