October 5, 2017 Chipshop, Leith, seafood No Comments


The greatest words to hear when you enter a chip shop in pursuit of fish are the following: “It’ll be five minutes for fish, pal.”


This means that you’re going to get your fish cooked to order as fresh as it can be. The difference between that and fish from the fryer-top warmer can be night and day.

I was lucky enough to hear the blessed seven words when I popped in to the Mermaid after a couple of early evening beverages at Mamasan’s, the excellent cocktail bar on Bernard Street.

The single fish (£4.50) is something of a sentimental order for me. It’s what I used to bring home for my mother, particularly when I’d not made it back for dinner and I was fairly certain she’d taken that as permission to see ice cream and ginger nut biscuits as a nutritious meal.

Blurry fish

This particular fish was with me in the advertised five minutes and piping hot. Undeterred by the heat I dived in.

It was a really satisfying eat with the fish beautifully steamed in its crisp batter casing. It really is a splendid way to eat gloriously satisfying haddock.

So overall, I was impressed with the freshly prepared fish delights at the Mermaid. I’ll need to come back and give their chips a try. I expect them to be very good based on this visit. I’d recommend you check it out next time you’re at the foot o’ the walk.

Written by BKR