Filament Roastery – SADLY NOW CLOSED

On the Sunday morning of a very quiet weekend, I took a stroll down towards Trinity for a walk in the park and a stop at the new branch of Filament on East Trinity Road.

Interior signage

I’ve been a big fan of the southside branch since it opened although I’m fairly sporadic in my visits. I have an ongoing conversation with them about whether their staff or customers are more hipster. It’s a close-run thing.

This branch is in a converted joiner shop, I believe, and is a strikingly smart spot. Across two levels, it’s bright and spacious with a super-stylish feel to it. It’s one of the smartest cafe spaces in the city.


A centrepiece of the ground level is a pretty massive roaster where they are roasting their own beans.

Today’s espresso (£2.40) was a Guatemalan. It had citrus brightness resolving to a creamy finish. It was top-notch stuff.


They offer a range of cakes and sandwiches so I must come back to eat something next time I make it along.

So overall, I was entirely impressed with Filament Roastery. It brings much cafe class to a neighbourhood had little in the way of that before now. Make sure to visit soon.

Written by BKR