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Pizza Posto

I got in a bit of brouhaha online with the chaps at Brewhemia a while back when I expressed views about businesses opening in July to capitalise on Festival business. In my experience, these places tend to have major staffing issues which usually manifest in hopelessly poor service or sloppy kitchen practice.

I should have had that sentiment firmly at the front of my mind when new pizza Pizza Posto caught my eye. I visited shortly after they opened their doors at the start of August. The shit-show that followed was typically disheartening.


I was joined on this escapade by regular guest quester Rachel.

Advertising the “best value Neapolitan pizza in Edinburgh” they appear to be setting themselves up in direct competition with 1926 and/or Civerino’s at Hunter Square. Both are priced higher than this place but offer very high quality products. They were also setting expectations that they might be aspiring towards the level at which Glasgow’s Paesano operates.

The first server we met, will we call her Helvetica, greeted us with a scripted corporate line delivered with effortful charmlessness.

We were offered the option of where to sit so chose their lower dining space towards the rear so we could watch the open pizza kitchen in action.

There was a mix up on who was going to be our next server with, oh let’s call him Helvetico, getting things completely mixed up. Red wine instead of white followed. Orders were eventually taken after a prolonged gap. Pizzas eventually arrived.

The pizzas looked pretty fair but didn’t quite hit the spot. Rachel’s mushroom pizza featured pickled mushrooms. This would have been fine – bordering on interesting – if advertised as this. But in the context it felt like using stuff from jars to cut costs and corners.

We’d accompanied things with mixed grilled veg. Again, this dish felt cheap and nasty.

My pizza was fine but the base was floppy in the middle with a slightly too firm crust. Topping fell off when slices were picked up. It was clear that much improvement was needed.

I decided that I’d better give them a second visit to see if this was just a one-off aberration in their formative days.

On my second visit, I opted for their number 8 pizza. Again this featured a lot of low-quality toppings. The base was lifeless.

In better news service was managed to an entirely better standard so it’s good to see that that aspect has been addressed. But their food remains very weak.

So overall, much like the previous occupants Tutto Matto, I fear Pizza Posto will struggle. This is a location for a straightforward no-nonsense pre-theatre place with broad appeal. Pizza Posto fails to hit the mark. They need a massive improvement in quality to stand a chance of surviving.

We ate: pizza with mushrooms and chilli; pizza with nduja, sausage and broccoli; pizza with mushrooms and artichoke (second visit)

We drank: white wine, red wine, beer

We wore: flip-flops, suit

Total bill: £34 (£10 on second visit)

Address: 16 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DH

Written by BKR