August 6, 2017 American, Stockbridge No Comments

Scoops & Hoops

Stockbridge is packed with good food options but has a pretty high turnover rate in certain spots. Following the demise of Wendy’s Ice Creams, Scoops and Hoops is the next business to take a swing at making a tricky spot on Hamilton Place work.


The interior is much the same as before with an ‘RIP’ appended to the start of the most prominent Wendy’s relic sign.

The scoops are ice cream so it was the hoops that I was there for: bagels. Supplied by the Bearded Baker, they are the core of their savoury offering.

I opted for the Stocky B (£5.95) filling which comprised salami, pastrami, chorizo, pepperoni, gouda and jalapeno.


The bagels were toasted in a regulation toaster then the filling was layered in.

It proved solidly enjoyable eating but it was rather guileless. I’m fairly sure I could have prepared the same if not better in my dressing gown with a thumping hangover. I would have been pleased with my work but little beyond that.

So overall, Scoops and Hoops is doing decent filled bagels but I’m not sure what they’re offering is quite memorable enough to hook in droves of customers. I hope to be proven wrong so if you’re a bagel fan get down and support this new local business.

Written by BKR