Nom Nam

The general standard of Festival food stalls in and around George Square looks a little better than previous years. There is the odd shit-pit – Winner, Winner’s fried chicken is totally awful – but the Udderbelly side of the gardens is massively improved.


One of the stalls that was new to me was Nom Nam, a purveyor of south and east Asian delights. The name is fairly silly but I saw past it and decided to give it a try.

Their menu offered a nice range of options from which I chose their sweet potato yellow curry (£6.50) and added some pork and chive gyoza (£4) for good measure.


The curry had been slow cooked so just needed dishing up and garnishing. The gyoza were deep-fried to order.

With items in hand, I sheltered from the rain and commenced munching.

The curry was pretty unremarkable stuff. It had more aubergine than sweet potato and it was decently spiced and generally OK.

Menu board

The gyoza had been crafted with a bit of care and had good crisp shells but were again only in the realms of good and not great.

So overall, Nom Nam was alright and offered a wee bit of additional diversity to the street food options but didn’t overly excite. It’ll do you for a change from some of the more routine Festival fare so give it a look if the mood takes you.

Written by BKR