August 26, 2017 Kebab, Leith No Comments

Khyber Kebabs

My new nearby takeaway favourites are starting to emerge after a couple of months of trial and error. Top of the kebab list is Khyber Kebabs just next door to Jiuding, that fine purveyor of Chinese munchy box delights.


On a quiet Tuesday I swung by and found the place liberally populated with a broad swathe of the community: men, women, children – the lot.

My sights were set on a kebab – they do pizzas and various whatnots, too – and I opted for their mixed chicken and lamb donner variety (£5.50).


This was assembled to order with the chunky chicken cooked freshly. I said yes to everything in terms of toppings bar chilli sauce.

My abode is very close by so I restrained myself from tucking in until safely ensconced in my breakfast nook.

Packed with meaty goodness, it proved very satisfying eating. The chicken was particularly good and packed a light smokiness. It was an end of day lifesaver.

So overall, I have come to rely upon Khyber Kebabs to brighten up my later nights when kebabs are the required. I’d recommend it to you next time you’re in these parts.

Written by BKR