August 22, 2017 Edinburgh Cafe, West No Comments


I had some crackin’ good holidays that were facilitated by EasyJet back when I was a chunk younger. I haven’t used their services for a while but their bright orange branding is still instantly recognisable.

It was a little odd to see their signage bedecking a new cafe on the corner of Clifton Terrace and Rosebery Crescent, though.

Called, as you might expect, EasyCoffee I popped in for a look along with regular guest quester Hayley.

The place has all the charm, or lack thereof, of an airport lounge. The walls are bedecked with bullshit signs saying things like ‘rich’ and ‘smooth’ and hinting at exquisite latte art.

You’re then confronted with their low-cost, bean-to-cup approach to coffee. Espresso was £1 with a double for £1.30. Hayley’s flat white was £1.80.

We left with items in hand and soon gave them a go.

Hayley commented that they’d done a not bad job with getting the milk to block out the worst of the decidedly mediocre coffee. I verified the latter when I sipped my espresso which was pretty poor.

So overall, EasyCoffee seems a really odd idea and their choice of location doesn’t seem too smart. Nearby Grams serves excellent coffee and what Easy is serving even makes the stuff served by Nomad seem half decent. I suppose it’s nearby where the airport bus stops so they might be counting on thrilled EasyJet travellers wanting to extend their love affair with their bright orange branding in any way possible. But aside from that, I don’t see the appeal of this place.

Written by BKR