I’ve been a fan of Lovecrumbs since it opened back in 2012. There have been some changes over recent times with a lunch and all day savoury menu added to their stellar cake selection. They’re also drawing upon local suppliers such as Archipelago, and have recently set up a joint-venture bakery with the Edinburgh Food Studio and Smith & Gertrude.


I popped in at the start of the day and was drawn towards their toast selection. Sadly they didn’t have any of their courgette and ricotta topping so I opted for the intriguing sounding garlic peas and seeds.

I tried their espresso and it was as excellent as ever.


The toast was soon with me delivered by the friendly and attentive counter woman. It was a glowingly vibrant green. It was firmly in the realms of a knife and fork job so I tucked in by that method.

It was extremely good eating with the peas lightly sweet and profoundly flavour-packed. The seeds added a good texture component. The bread was excellent. I was very pleased indeed.

Peas on toast

So overall, it was good to see Lovecrumbs on such excellent form in their latest incarnation. They’re doing extremely good work that continues to draw a wide and appreciative audience. Visit soon and visit often.

Blythe scores Lovecrumbs
4.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for food
giving an overall 16.5/20

I ate: toast with crushed garlic peas and seeds

I drank: espresso

I wore: mainly grey

Total bill: £5.80

Address: 155 West Port, Edinburgh EH3 9DP

Written by BKR