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The Buffalo Truck

The Food n Flea is a great new development in the Edinburgh street food portfolio. Run by Scottie and Hal, the folks behind The Pitt not to say Rost and Barnacles n Bones respectively, it uses an exciting new space in between the Canongate and New Street to bring a top quality seven day a week street food market to the city for the first time outside of Festival time.


The parade of traders in the initial rotation feature a number of familiar faces. Aside from Rost and BnB we have the Pizza Geeks, Knight’s Kitchen and my choice for today, the Buffalo Truck. Barney’s Beer will also join the party with beer and coffee.

I’d eaten at the Buffalo Truck a couple of times but not written up previous visits for some reason.


Today, I opted for the Buffalo burger – as in chicken in the Buffalo style, not the meat of the buffalo – and chips which Monday to Thursday is their lunch deal and costs £7. These were prepared to order while I chatted to the other traders.

With items in hand I walked as I ate. The chips were nicely done and the chicken was impressively good. It packed good crispness and while the buttermilk batter had the occasional aniseed note from fennel seeds that didn’t need to be there, I was really pleased with it.

Stalls and view

So overall, make sure to visit Food n Flea soon and often. While there pick yourself up some tasty chicken from The Buffalo Truck. You’ll be impressed, I’m sure. I’ve already been back a couple of times as it’s very handy for me, so it’s a really good new market that I look forward to seeing go from strength to strength.

Written by BKR